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Podiatry (Chiropody)

The Podiatry service is a foot health service which offers advice, support and care based on clinical need.

Most patients are seen in local health centres.

Please send this completed form to:

AHP Booking Team
AHP Support Office (Room 1 GW8)
Borders General Hospital

Telephone: 01896 826538

What happens next?

Once we receive your completed form we will carefully check all the information and decide how best to help youbased on the information you provide. If we need more information to enable us to make a decision then someone willcontact you by telephone or email. If we think your problem would be better managed by a different health careprofessional we will pass the referral to them (e.g. physiotherapist or GP). To allow us to give you the best care it is very important you give us clear information especially in relation to the reason for your referral on page 1 (see our separate guidance notes for help with this

Our help may take the form of advice on things you can do yourself to improve your symptoms, e.g. by directing you to our website shown below;

Referral to specialist services, such as Diabetes, Rheumatology, Musculo Skeletal Podiatry for adults and children and Learning Disability is only by referral from GP or another healthcare profession