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Pregnant? Call the midwife as soon as possible

As soon as you find out you’re pregnant, make an appointment with your midwife. Whether you plan to give birth at home or in hospital, you are encouraged to contact your Community Midwife.

The Community Midwife will provide most or all of your care and guide you through your pregnancy. You can expect between eight and ten different appointments over the course of your pregnancy and the routine screening tests will be offered at your initial booking visit between 8 and 12 weeks.

After the birth and when you are at home, your Community Midwife will visit you and your baby regularly until handover to your Health Visitor – this is usually after ten days.

Call the midwife on: 01896 661369

You can contact the BGH Maternity Unit by telephone:

  • Labour Ward – 24hr advice line 01896 826897
  • Ward 17 – 01896 826017
  • Ante Natal Clinic Appointments – 01896 826527
  • Pregnancy Assessment Unit – 01896 826735 ( you can self-refer if you are bleeding, if heavily bleeding please attend your nearest A&E Department).

You can also complete our online form to contact us with your enquiries.

If you wish further information or advice please contact the Practice.