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Fitfortravel is a free, interactive, public access website providing up to date health information for the UK public on avoiding illness and staying healthy when travelling abroad.

  • Country specific information on health risks, vaccine requirements and malaria risk are listed to enable the public to determine if they need to take additional measures to maintain health during travel.
  • Where vaccinations, antimalarial tablets or additional measures are required, travellers should attend a pre-travel risk assessment to discuss travel-associated risk management with their GP, practice nurse or other healthcare practitioner.
  • Fitfortravel also provides a range of general travel health and disease prevention advice pages to enable the public to maintain health.
  • Fitfortravel is continually updated with relevant travel health news and information regarding outbreaks of disease. Outbreaks are posted on the basis of relevance for the UK travelling public and are not exhaustive in terms of all outbreaks that occur across the world.